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Online Welcome

Online Welcome


If you are having problems navigating the website - logging in, accepting your offer etc. - and are frequently being redirected to the login form, it is likely that the problem is concerned with the computer you are using not accepting cookies from the site.

Cookies are used by this site to maintain your logged-in status during your visit and must be enabled in order to use the site.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

The options regarding cookies can be found in the "Tools" menu, by clicking "Internet Options" and then clicking the "Privacy" tab and changing the slider value to "Medium".

If you are using a different browser:

Firstly, we would suggest that you consult the on-line help for your browser if you are unsure how to check if accepting cookies is enabled, and for instructions on how to change this. If you have difficulty finding this information, please inform us of the web browser you are using and we will try to direct you to information about how to enable cookies.

If you are still having problems:

One possible solution is to try using a different browser. Most users who have experienced recurring problems with cookies in Internet Explorer have been successful using with the the Firefox browser, which can be obtained via the Mozilla website.

Please note: The University is not responsible for the content of external websites

If you have any further questions or concerns, please check the the FAQs page.

The university has a responsibility to protect your personal data. Our Privacy Notice explains how your data is used, shared and protected, the choices you have relating to your personal data and how to contact us.

If the FAQs do not deal with your problem there are contact details on there so that you can email us directly.